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  • ✨ Do you ship?
    As of today, we can take pre-orders for our in-person events (check the events page!) but, be on the lookout for shipping announcements soon!
  • ✨ What is freeze-drying?
    Freeze-drying removes moisture from the candy by sublimation, which means that a solid is turned into a gas without being a liquid first. Think about if you had an ice cube and it turned into steam without melting or boiling first. Just poof! Steam. The freeze-drying process typically involves three main steps: freezing, primary drying, and secondary drying. Freezing: The candy is first frozen to a very low temperature, usually around -40°C to -50°C (-40°F to -58°F), which is about 20° colder than Antarctica in the summer. This freezing process is essential to prepare the candy for drying and prevent its structure from collapsing during the subsequent drying process. That would make it into a shriveled melty mess! Primary Drying: Once the candy is frozen, it is placed in a vacuum chamber (our freeze drier does this part for us, thankfully!) and the temperature is raised slightly above the freezing point. This creates a pressure differential between the inside of the vacuum chamber and the candy, causing the moisture in the candy to sublimate into water vapor (ice cube to steam). The water vapor is then removed from the chamber by a vacuum pump. Secondary Drying: After most of the moisture has been removed from the candy during primary drying, the candy is then subjected to a higher temperature and lower pressure in the vacuum chamber to remove any remaining moisture. This process is known as secondary drying and is done to ensure that the candy is completely dry and has a long shelf life. The freeze-drying process results in a candy that is light, crispy, and has a longer shelf life compared to traditional candy. The process also helps to preserve the flavor and color of the candy while removing any moisture that may cause spoilage. Science rules!
  • ✨ Is freeze-dried candy more healthy?
    Definitely not, It's still the same candy we all know and love, but experienced in a whole new way! It's kind of like having a croissant instead of white loaf bread; all layered inside and crunch on the outside, but still bread.
  • ✨ What's the point of freeze-drying candy?
    It just hits different. You get a whole new experience of out-of-this-world crunchy sweet goodness that just melts together the flavors you already know and love.
  • ✨ What's the difference between freeze-dried and dehydrated?
    Dehydrating is the process of slowly removing moisture by adding heat. This leaves behind a concentrated flavor but with a chewier texture. That's the difference between a grape vs. a raisin, they are the same fruit, but a raisin is dehydrated. Freeze-drying preserves the structure of the food because it's frozen first THEN dried out. That's how we get all of the different shapes and textures that you wouldn't see from dehydrated food.
  • ✨ Does freeze-dried candy need to be refrigerated or frozen?
    Nope! Freeze-dried refers to the freezing process used to make the candy. Because there is such little moisture in the candy, it has a much longer shelf life and is best kept at room temperature.


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